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Our Experience

Over the years, our work has spanned B-to-B and B-to-C organizations as well as the public sector. We also have extensive background investigating environmental issues. Want more information? We'd be happy to share case studies or work examples upon request.

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    B-to-B and B-to-C

    Our broad industry experience includes organizations across these industries:

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    Public Sector

    Our public sector division serves the unique research needs of public institutions, state and local governments and other public organizations. Examples include:

    • City & county service assessments
    • Community planning
    • Education research
    • Energy consumption and conservation research
    • Hazardous materials studies
    • Library studies
    • Parks and recreation studies
    • Recycling studies
    • Resident surveys
    • Utilities studies
    • Voter issues research
    • Water and air quality research
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    Conjoint/Choice-modeling Analysis

    Our interactive market simulators allow us to analyze scenarios where consumers are faced with trade-off choices among products or services in a competitive context. Common applications include:

    Market Analysis

    • Measure price sensitivity (elasticity)
    • Determine market potential & penetration
    • TURF-like problems
    • Situational analysis
    • Competitive positioning

    Product Analysis

    • Product development
    • New product introductions
    • Product design
    • Packaging design
    • Market segmentation